A speech to text ide for programming when you are feeling lazy.

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    I heard that is pretty doable by just using dragon dictation.
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    Wonder how Lisp programming will be;
    Ok now close bracket, close bracket, again, again, again, again, again, one more, again, again, ..., ops, one too many
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    @rusty-hacker Thats the thing most speech engines would be pretty useless without good auto compete
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    Read an article about a blind programmer (shared by someone on devRant I think), he uses a specialized speech to text tool and seemed to be quite proficient with it!

    The point being: it already exists :)
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    @willol A link to the story would be greatly appreciated.
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    @xecute I thought it would, but I'm not very enthusiastic at the idea of digging through my last month browsing history :/
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