Why do most people think that a person can only be great at one thing.
I've just started working as a developer and when I tell people I am also learning cyber security they are like what's the point of it. And how I should focus on one thing and blah blah.
Man, nobody questions Elon Musk when he is learning new things everyday. But then why can't we do the same and man we don’t need to be judged. A little support would be so much better.

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    Come back when you’re at the same level as Elon, but then you’ll also know why.
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    Did you really try to compare yourself to elon lmao
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    @bagfox @Stuxnet yeah because obviously he started from somewhere right
    So it is like work in silence and let your success make the noise!! On road towards that!!
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    @thegoldenhorn the way I see it is this bud:

    Nobody normal gives two fucks what you learn. Secondly, it's normal to learn and master two aspects of a field. Most ppl I know have a degree and a minor in a correlating field.

    Not tryna be a dick, but I feel like you met a cunt or two that made the comment about "what's the point" and just assumed everyone thinks like that, when quite frankly it's not true.

    Just learn what you want and don't give a shit about other people. 'Tis quite simple
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    I'd argue that every job consists of aspects of different vocations.
    Everybody could profit from learning how to sell ideas and things (marketing).

    So don't bother with those naysayers. Connect yourself with different professionals and learn from them.
    Watch youtube with topics that interest you and the combined knowledge will get you one day far in life.

    There is a term for that. T-shaped people.
    T-shaped skills - Wikipedia
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    The trick is to not try to learn all at once but one at a time until you know it good enough.

    You could do two thing, especially if the go hand in had, which security and programing do.

    But if you look at Musk, he has mastered one area at a time.
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