Nope, too young.

Though some smaller kids than me DID come and ask for advice on how to start learning and I told them that they have an entire internet to learn from, there are guides online, and everything that stands between them and success is their DESIRE to learn computer science. And if they really do want to learn CS - really stick to it along the years and try to get as much head start as they possibly can.

I learned in my limited experience in software development (for the uninitiated, I am 16, started coding at 12), that you must want to learn it DEEP DOWN, because if solving problems is not your cup of tea and you don’t like thinking big, then GTFO lol.

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    Very good advice indeed, and weirdly enough the opposite is preached all too often.
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    This reminds me of a wisdom my grandfather shared with me on a birthday party..
    Unfortunately, the music was loud and I couldn't hear the wisdom.
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    Dude go enjoy life. What the fuck are you doing writing code at 16
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    @josephfracies getting a head start. I like writing code :D

    I'm remaking devRant's app for iOS with native-space UI elements and it looks REALLY nice. Go check my other posts about it if you're interested.
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    @josephfracies What an asinine comment...
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    @josephfracies You can do both you know?
    A handful of people I know started coding in their teens (15 in case), and we all knew we enjoyed creating stuff with code.

    And for those aiming for a CS/SE/IS/AI (or even another STEM subject for that matter), it gives a massive headstart.

    I mean, of course, some people may spend a considerably long time on the screen, but that's just a part of the population.
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