There are no stupid or dumb questions. A lot of headache has been and could have been saved by one person asking what seemed like a stupid question.

I would now expand on this to say that if the question is procedural in the sense that it’s asking “what” or “how”, you should make every attempt to come to an answer yourself and then ask for clarification. If the question revolves around “why”, there are no stupid questions. A lot can be overlooked in a cascade of moving pieces.

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    I give some different advice. There are stupid questions. However, the biggest area of progression as a dev is learning how to realize when you should ask a question and when you should try to find out by yourself. For mission critical stuff always ask if you have any doubt, and if you have no doubt ask why you have no doubt. But there is a lot of stuff where you need to go through personal development.
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    @jeeper how about this: stupid questions are the ones you failed to ask on time
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