I have decided to set up a full Linux desktop pc, and go for everyday use and learn, mostly to catch up and understand better the whole UNIX and to get familiar with the command line there.
The problem is that there are hundreds of them, so if you can write some tips which one shall I go for?
Here is the info about what I need:
1 - I'm a web developer, so later I will move the work there too, capable of running a web server.
2 - I'm NOT looking for windows likeness or easiness, I'm looking for a distro which will help me the most to understand how it works in general, the file system, and the command line.

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    Arch Linux sounds like the best choice if your goal is to learn about Linux rather than just using it. Be prepared that even the installation is not "point and click", but involves reading up a lot on the (very good) Arch wiki.

    Or you could first go with Manjaro. This is based on Arch, but more user friendly and easy to install. Then you could switch to Arch later.
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    The advantage of first going with Manjaro and then changing to Arch is that you will know from Manjaro what should work with your hardware, and if it doesn't, it's not a distro problem, but a user problem that you can figure out. Also, you'll have become a bit more familiar with Linux by then already.
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    Like most people, my gateway drug to the Linux world was Ubuntu. However, if you want to learn more about the OS in general, @Fast-Nop’s approach is probably best
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    Manjaro CE, i3 or bspwm.

    I mean... if you don't want to stay close to Windows UX-wise, better roll a tiling WM directly.

    It'll be enough for you to learn, then switch to pure Arch and build your own.
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    I third Manjaro, it brings the simplicity of Arch but has an installer. Don't try to install Arch early on, the wiki is excellent but it does rely on some entry level Linux experience which is pretty hard to acquire before installing the OS.
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