Put away the keyboard. Think about what you're going to do, chart it out, work through the logic and then, when the entire construct is before you, you start typing.

Yes it will take longer, you're a junior, enjoy that nobody expects you to do miracles (yet) and take the time, you'll get it back when you're so used to working through logical problems that it happens on its own as soon as you hear about the problem.

Cutting corners and "hacking a quick solution" without fucking over the entire system is an art form. Before you do art learn your damn craft.

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    I give that advice to all devs... Maybe if they put some more thought into designing and thinking they wouldn't end up writing programs full of tech debt... and duct tape fixes
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    This is the thing I still have trouble with; if I learn about a new way to solve a problem I have to dive in and try to build something using that design pattern. Usually ends up heavily refactored or scrapped.
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    Im more the type of guy that does:
    -Write it first
    -Does it work?
    -Yes: Write it again but good this time
    -No: Have you tried step 1, but diffrently?
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