Caps lock is an annoying key in a prominent place, so I want to remap it. Backspace or control both seem like a good option. Any experience or preferences? Of course this is very personal, but I'd like to hear from you anyways.

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    Just get a chrome book then? 😂
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    👀it's in a place your fingers would not naturally sit for anything unless it's a micro keyboard, but that's on you 🙄

    How is it in a bad place?
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    It's been remapped to escape for me for about 10 years. Love it.
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    only now just realizing I haven't pressed caps lock in at least ten years
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    I avoid stuff like this purely because it'd royally screw me over when using a keyboard that's not mine.

    If it's annoying and you keep hitting it by mistake, just unmap it.
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    @C0D4 it's not in a bad place, but a prominent one. I have a standard keyboard but want to optimize my usage of it. Caps lock is closer to my fingers than Enter, Control or Backspace which feels like a waste.
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    You must have a long ass pinky if caps lock is at a more comfortable location than control. Of course it depends on your wrist position as well.
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    You should be about to easily swap backspace with caps lock. I did that on both my Arch Linux and Windows laptops (the former using xmodmap and the latter using SharpKeys).
    I definitely recommend doing that even if you don't use other mods like Angle or Wide or alternative layouts like Colemak.
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    @electrineer Not if you use the home row positions from the ten fingers typing method.
    Using that method, reaching Caps Lock is far easier than Left Control (unless you use a 40-76% keyboard which might have it placed differently).
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    @Berkmann18 that's included in the wrist position
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    @electrineer You don't need to move your wrist to press the caps lock key tho (or backspace if you use Colemak or remapped it to other keys).
    For the left control, I agree.
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