I'm still a junior myself, but some fundamentals I've told my coworkers:
* Commit more, regret less
* Yes, you can remove a commit, if something goes wrong.
* No, I'll not explain again how to undo a commit you pushed typo to you feature branch. Feel the shame of pushing "Fix typo" commits
* ask, if you are stuck or unsure.
* don't do deployments at 5pm Friday. 6pm results in less crashes in production for some reason /s
* Don't be like me. Go to sleep at appropriate times

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    Ngl last minute deployments are very thrilling. I'd probably do that than go watch a horror thriller.
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    I remember once Facebook deployed on Friday and they broke both Play and Apple app stores by doing some dark magic with their framework that led to crashing apps on launch. This actually happened twice within a space of two months. I guess they just fired the wrong guy first time round.

    I only deploy in mornings with a rollback plans in place if shit hits the fan.
    Never ever deploy on Friday, unless you’re willing to work the weekends :)
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