Fuck vuex

Spent hours trying to Integrate it to my Vue app in vain

Why not bundle it with vuejs?


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    Vue 3 seems to have something for that built-in, but I didn't really try it out
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    No need to bundle it when in many cases it's not needed.

    @nitwhiz Provide/inject in Vue 3 covers a lot of what Vuex does, yes
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    Probably not bundled because the micro framework idea. And I'm happy, because I don't like veux
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    You're frustrated now? Wait till you get it to work and start "using" it... fuck vuex!
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    @hamido-san exactly. When I use vue I think, woah, the guy created this really understands what is important! When I use veux I question myself if it is made by a programmer πŸ™„

    Edit: when it comes to state, think about why the params in vue router isn't enough.. I mean.. Based on those params you get the data from the server anyway?
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    @rooter then I thought about caching data, but that can be done via webworkers
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    @deliwa yh, that's what I do. I always write something like a Vue plugin (a dream system) that I can access everywhere to get the data I need in every component based on their props. It's very spot on - no magic, no complexity. I keep business logic on the server and all data is validated trough the process. What are people doing with all that data client side? Having some sick big ass validator at the end of process to check every possible scenario if valid?
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    @deliwa caching is a hard thing. No golden hammers for it. But a reason why my websocket adventure did not last long.
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    Vue.js is a progressive framework so it makes no sense to integrate Vuex to it especially Vue 3 enable devs to have much less boilerplate code.

    And chances are, you may not even need Vuex or any state management library for your use cases.
    Here's a good video about it https://youtu.be/sjB6wamZQN0

    And as @ScriptCoded mentioned, Vue 3 allows you to manage state more easily without relying on Vuex.
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