Fuck vuex

Spent hours trying to Integrate it to my Vue app in vain

Why not bundle it with vuejs?


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    Vue 3 seems to have something for that built-in, but I didn't really try it out
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    No need to bundle it when in many cases it's not needed.

    @nitwhiz Provide/inject in Vue 3 covers a lot of what Vuex does, yes
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    You're frustrated now? Wait till you get it to work and start "using" it... fuck vuex!
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    @rooter then I thought about caching data, but that can be done via webworkers
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    Vue.js is a progressive framework so it makes no sense to integrate Vuex to it especially Vue 3 enable devs to have much less boilerplate code.

    And chances are, you may not even need Vuex or any state management library for your use cases.
    Here's a good video about it https://youtu.be/sjB6wamZQN0

    And as @ScriptCoded mentioned, Vue 3 allows you to manage state more easily without relying on Vuex.
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    Fuck Vuex. Just use the $root instead before Vuex even existed. Who wants to reimplement shitty react ideals.

    Or just use the modern.

    const state = Vue.observable({
    list: [],
    note: 'Ping!'

    const methods = {
    onAddItem () {
    state.list.push('You’ve added me')
    onPong() {
    state.note = 'Pong!!!'

    export {

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