This is the code to hack into a GPS-Navigation. Taken from the Netflix-series "Designated Survivor".

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    To think that somebody had to actually"write" that.
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    Well I guess they don't wanna publicly disclose how to hack?...
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    @JoshuaaM fair enough. But is plain wrong syntax (closing braces, missing 'f' of second for-loop) really necessary fro "not publicly disclosing how to hack"?
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    @Yeah69 did you really expect them to be accurate? 😂 it's not real. Do you expect people who play rocket scientist on TV to know how to build a rocket in real life? 😉 lol
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    @ScribeOfGoD I think Mr. Robot has spoiled us
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    @ScribeOfGoD they should at least do some homework before showing this bull shit unless it was a hyper low budget thing...
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    They could also just freely copy some code from the linux kernel. Then it impresses everyone and requires zero thought on the part of the writers.
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    @capnsoup if they know what Linux is
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    @capnsoup Hacker typer
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