Just had another jobinterview. I told them i’m not experienced in framework i don’t have any Vue experience so far... They want me to come over for a test in Vue...

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    Don't join those cunts
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    Brush up your Vue. Go for the test. What’s the harm?
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    Dude, if you know react you know vue, it takes maybe 20 minutes
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    If you're comfortable with Angular or React, it shouldn't be too hard to adapt.
    If you're just comfortable with HTML, CSS and JS then after 1-2 tutorials you should be good to go (provided you didn't passively consume the content).
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    So i’m jobless but i’m fully booked with 10 jobinterviews and 3 assessments this week. For next week i also already have 5 more interviews. I’ve never worked this hard in my life.
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