Compiled new linux kernel for my phone today.
All went good.

Except it got really hot and it appears that my sdcard died.

At least now I can tether over bluetooth.

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    I can tether over Bluetooth out of the box, so can literally every device I have seen so far. What make?
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    @homo-lorens pre historic samsung galaxy young.

    I know, don't ask.
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    What made it heat up?
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    @asgs Wrong CPU governor settings. That's probably also what killed my sd.
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    @LameCode20 performance or LionHeart?

    I once did performance and battery got very hot. Fortunately, it didn't damage any further
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    @asgs OnDemand, it's an old phone man. Old phone = old governor.

    OnDemand was the better option, the other one was Samsung default and that is just a joke. Low frequency biases suck.
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    @LameCode20 well, it is good that it is an old one, then
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    @LameCode20 I also have a Young lying around so I tested it; tethering is so slow I can almost see the bytes coming through when using TLS but it works. It's probably flashed though, I think it only went up to android 2.7 and this has 4.
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