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Got on clean Keto, dietitian and everything, been low carb for damn near two years now, constant checkups to see that I am good. I am

Go from 245 lbs (108 kilograms) to 179 lbs(81 k) in the span of time.

Clothes don't fit. Get new ones

Got weights to train at home, cuz there are sweaty people at gyms, and I ain't bout that life fam.

Wake up at 4 or 5 depending on the training routine. Mixed with proper cardio.

Get to work. Unable to have breakfast cuz cafeteria is closed.


I can feel my body eating itself.

Looks good af naked tho

die in front of the keyboard

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    I wish I had the will to do so.

    Corona vaccination happening soon, then finally leaving quarantine in 3 months...

    My willpower is like a paper in a hurricane.

    I want to, but I just can't stick to a plan for many weeks.

    *I'm dumb and whiney regarding diets*
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    @IntrusionCM I suck at keeping routine man but I can't stand the idea of looking that way ever again.

    The keto diet itself is not as bad, depending on culture I would say.

    In Mexico and here in Texas where I live, Mexican food is carb heavy as all hell. It is also excruciatingly delicious(my opinion and taste of course) and we eat everything with tortillas. Our sodas are sugary and we drink that shit like water(which explains the obesity rate of my people) and my fav brands of beer in texas contain a heck load of carbs....so I had to change my Shiner Bock for Michelob Ultra ;___; to Germans that sh tastes like sparkling water.

    I did remove quite a bit from my dietary habits, and as dangerous as it can be, managed through a medical professional it is quite nice. Clean Keto seems to be pretty sustainable long term.

    I am sure you could if you wanted to, you had the discipline and willpower to master your craft in the dev world afterall 😎
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    Know that feeling. Will see.

    Wanted to start a year after moving, as in start a new life. Then Corona and quarantine came. :(

    I hate getting stuff delivered. I miss shopping. And going out. Guess that will motivate me. Especially shopping, since getting veggies delivered went astonishingly well but still sucks when you have to throw stuff away cause it rots to fast. :(

    And keep sport to the minimum... Till I had some weight loss, cause after 1 1/2 in quarantine at home I guess it would be desastrous. - .

    Keto sounds interesting. Gained weight mostly because I was always chubby but after health issues my weight exploded. Meds weren't funny.
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    @AleCx04 ooh shiner Bock is good. My sympathies.
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    I can 100% relate to that.

    Well, the very last line, anyway.
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    Good job on that 27 kilos!
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    @AleCx04 you just lift or you do cardio too?

    Lost a fuck ton of weight one summer just running.

    Devrant suddenly becomes Fitrant.
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    @Wisecrack lots of cardio. I am one of the few weirdos that actually enjoys cardio a bit more than I do lifting. The bad side is that most cardio that I follow requires a lot of jumping, and I have both knees fractured and as such it can hurt. About the only thing I can do without incredible amounts of pain is long distance running and bicycle.

    Because of this I limit myself to about 20 mins of light cardio, enough to get my heart rate up after a heavy dosage of weight lifting.
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    @AleCx04 Damn man, what the hell did you do to fracture BOTH knees?
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    Props for including kg measurements 😄

    Perhaps also include how tall you are? Then I can tell how bad I'm doing currently 😁
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    @jkommeren I am a short ass mfka! I am 5'7 freedoms, translated to standard proper units of measurement I am 1 meter 70 cms tall :P

    Putting that into perspective, weighting 245 lbs at that size means that I was a chonkey ass mfka.

    I am at 180 lbs, but most of that is muscle mass. If I let the muscle go away from not doing weight lifting it goes down like crazy since muscle mass does put in a lot of weight.
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    @AleCx04 then don't move to the netherlands 😅 im short by dutch standards at 1.75.

    Also muscle less, I'd rather have some! 65kgs I think, but again, no muscle lol
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    @jkommeren oh brother, I know that I am short by nordic standards, where I single and with the money I now have I would STILL be out there trying my hand at some of the beauties that live there. Ain't nothing stopping me then from having some of that good viking mamasitas
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    @AleCx04 1. shoes designed to make you look taller.

    Amazing what a couple inches can do!

    God dammit if that comment isn't sketchy but its true.
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