I am new to coding.
Where can I do practice Web Development projects?

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    I'll tell you something that everyone says, but it so true.

    Think of a thing you'd like.

    Make it.

    The step by step tutorial stuff is still of some value, but there's nothing like thinking a concept through and finding how to do it yourself.

    Also don't worry if it sucks or whatever, the point is that you're coding and learning.
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    @N00bPancakes and where is a good place to write/ practice coding?
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    Personally I would pay for a web host. I use crocweb because they don't jerk me around. They have cheap hosting plans. I think as little as $3 a month. They provide templates for lots of different approaches to web development.
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    FreeCodeCamp is how I started with web development. You can use CodePen.io to just mess around with HTML and ish
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    @3340MERMINA on a computer, but you can write on paper too.
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    @3340MERMINA tho, to be completely serious - to learn Web development you will first have to learn HTML, CSS and some JavaScript ... for those all you need is any text editor (I'm assuming you're on Windows, so Notepad will do, but you might want to get something like Notepad++, Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, Brackets or Atom) and any web browser (Edge/Internet Explorer will do, but you might want Google Chrome or Firefox instead).

    HTML, CSS and at least some basic JavaScript is the first step into Web dev. Then comes SQL and noSQL Databases, frameworks and different languages each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
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    Your pc is the place to code, nowhere else.
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    mkdir -p ~/dev/personal/practice/helloworld

    cd ~/dev/personal/practice/helloworld

    vim index.html style.css
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    I see you have posted another, quite similar question on your feed.

    I'm going to be straightforward with you. Asking help on where can you practice web development/how to get started with open source is gonna get you either:

    a) blasted/scolded the fuck out by people who actually have experience in them; or

    b) memed/trolled/downvoted until you can see your feed filled with negetive votes.

    Do yourself a favor. Save a bit of self respect and start with a project without whoring out these vague questions.

    Have an idea. At least try implementing it before you eventually fuck up. At which point you can shoot a query. Everybody would be glad to help and you'd feel much more accomplished.

    I understand if English isn't your first language. This message isn't supposed to kill your enthusiasm in development. Rather it's a personal advice to you from another fellow dev. Take it or leave it it's up to you.
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    @Root but where's the Nodejs, multiple levels of frameworks and weird cli tools that all require half a day of setting up and updating (not to mention debugging dependency problems and version incompatibility errors) just to get a small Hello world out.

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    @theKarlisK You mean this?
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    @Root Perfect.
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    Thought I’d simplify things a bit for the newcomer ☺️
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    @3340MERMINA where is a good place to write/practice coding?

    your computer.
    xampp, visual studio, phpstorm, whatever, vut as a coder of web shit(and i do mean shit) you need to be able to setup at least a dev environment anywhere.

    including your machine since you want to be a dev.
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    @Root not readable due to pixellation even though i suspect otherwise it would be nit readable due to being a pile of shit.
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    @Midnight-shcode 😂 that’s about right
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    I think some up to date youtube tutorials are a good place to start just to get your head around it a little bit, then maybe create some simple projects that will encourage you to delve in deeper and create harder ones. I think a nice starting one would be a simple rock paper scissors project, and bonus points for hosting it!
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    @Razakii thank you. Very helpful that is
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