Email is horrible.

CSS in email is fucked.

People never check their spam filter / who the fuck knows when the spam filter might decide legit shit is spam.

Every other god damn day some new shit comes up.

Today some sort of either antivirus or email filter or spam / malware detecting shit seems to be crawling every fucking link in an email our customer's send to their customer's.

Activating every option such as declining shit or accepting it... well actually ALL THOSE OPTIONS.

End user can't tell of course so I (and others) have to find this out.


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    Http GET is supposed to have no side effects, if you can't even follow the HTTP standard that's 100% your fault.
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    It's not a GET.
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    Don't want spam filters to classify sent emails as spam? Well, then don't send spam.
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    Well I don't so I guess that doesn't work.
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    @N00bPancakes How do you even put POST request buttons in email?
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    @homo-lorens submit?
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    Sorry I get your question now.

    It appears whatever is doing the thing folows the link in the email... OUTSIDE of email, then seems to hit every button it can find.

    I worded it all wrong as I'm working the issue while ranting.

    To be clear I've no idea what the thing is that is doing this too. It appears to be isolated to a specific customer's customer.

    Could just be some wonky malware....or something.
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    It was something on the customer's customer end as I suspected.

    They never answered clearly but after disabling some sort of security ... thing ... and whitelisted us we're not seeing the issue.

    Whatever it was it was also cycling through user agents too, probably to avoid being blocked, detected.
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    @N00bPancakes So whoever made this thing went out of their way to be stupid.
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    Seems like it.

    I've no idea what value this security thing is if it submits forms. Like why would it do that / wouldn't that inevitably cause problems for the individual?

    I suppose I could add some painful conformation modal shit to the forms on the site and hope the stupid thing wouldn't hit that too ... but I'd rather for the user it be one click and done so I'm not gonna do that.
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    Cannot agree more. Its like the browser wars of the 90's trying to make emails function same on all the clients.
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    You had me @ e-mail
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    CSS? Lol simple images also don't load properly sometimes in stupid emails.
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    I hate it when you want to post someone a 100Mb file, but their email limit for attachments is 4mb..

    My own email server has a stupid 50mb file limit, which doesn't help !

    One of the reasons I got my own server was to stop mail disappearing in someone else's server because it was flagged as spam.

    I want it all, then I can decide if its spam or not !

    Or I would, if my email client was so, helpful..

    Note, I like it when email arrives, and its flagged as new.

    And that flag stays put, even if you close and reopen your email client !

    It doesn't just vanish..

    We can't all read all our emails in every session..

    I've got emails so old to reply to, that some of the people have died already !

    Obviously, I don't need to reply to them now..
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    Hey! I check my spam daily, because is the only box that can keep empty 😆😆

    It is such a pleasant feeling!
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