Scrum masters are a joke. I think we should take half of their salary and tack it on to the tech lead and let him run the show.

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    Need a good story out of this rant.
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    In my experience scrum masters have no clue about tech debt, or good design. They measure progress by working software, an incredibly feeble way to measure progress. And it constitutes to a shit show of poorly designed software that slowly Churns to a crawl. And then it is blamed on the developer.

    All scrum masters I have worked with have both ignored ceremonies they just didn't fancy doing, and at the same time dictated how developers should be solving problems, and how much refactoring can be done whilst working on a story.

    I believe in the agile concept, and in scrum, but I believe a scrum master should be a developer who is also a decent software designer and can understand the significance of shoving shit out the door.
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    SM: "bro, just code that sleep(3) in a for loop. It will fix the bug, trust me, it's 8 easy story points. I could do it myself, but you know... I'm not a dev and the deadlines are tight."
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    @PepeTheFrog An async call bug I take it? 👀
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    Tbh. They shouldn’t be called scrum master. Their job is to literally be the CEO’s bitch. They prioritise what needs to be done to ‘make money’ so in startups, refactoring or redoing is not an option. It’s a waste of time. And tbh sometimes refactoring is a waste of time! If there’s a good enough argument for change then it should be to help the business keep moving forward. But I don’t need a scrum master to make that decision. Glorified task manager
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    @bashleigh there is a book titled software design x-rays on my reading list which aims to address finding out what tech debt should be tackled, and which should just be ignored. The author uses analysis of git history via some me cool tools to find hotspots with low tech debt. These are the areas that actually need to be good.

    Admittedly have not read yet.
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