Why some folks get offended by anything? The PC culture is getting out of control!

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    You sound offended...
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    I am offended by your conjecturing of offense by questioning about being offended.
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    We seem to have something in common!
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    PC culture is about behavior control. If we can define a set of circumstances a person should be offended, then we can shift the thinking from logic to emotion. In a triggered or emotional state someone can be manipulated.

    For instance, the constant fear mongering of the media and government about covid creates a population that will accept any solution. Even solutions that don't make logical sense. The facts are that covid is nowhere near as bad as many other threats to your health. But it is a useful way to push for government control and get a population used to oppression.

    As I look back in time I see many other times the media and the government has used this to dictate policy and enforce its will over the people. It is a pattern that has repeated itself for a very long time.
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    @N00bPancakes Holy! Did you just assumed I’m offended? How dare you??? 🤣
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    I agree.

    Having said that I feel like folks getting upset about what someone else is offended by ... often are playing the same game.

    "You can't be offended by that <insert thing that doesn't upset me because I don't care about that topic>!"

    It's all the same thing with different words. It's the human condition.
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    I'm offended by lack of examples.. ;)
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    @sladuled A colleague of mine apparently got offended over a comment i did in a code review session. Apparently we can’t make suggestions anymore...
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    @jvillavi yikes.. if someone goes & reads my comments..I'm dead o.O
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    Depends on phrasing of words perhaps? Or other person must just be angry or going through something and you were in the right moment to be the receiving end of that negativity.
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    These PC people get "offended" because they want to, and that's because they're totally useless fucks and want to hide their uselessness behind stirring shit.
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    If we start nicknaming people who fly off the handle "trigger" will they self evaluate?
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    Remember, there is plenty they don't find offensive when they want to call you names.

    "I was harmlessly pointing out that your finger would benefit from being extra warm if it was placed inside your anus Sir, I meant no offence."
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    Some people:

    "Spare no offense."

    Kudos if you can name the movie that is a parody of.
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    @Demolishun COVID-1984
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