When I see a blog post advertising “best practice for _____” but you didn’t write it, and I’m pretty sure I’ve been using it longer than your company has existed” ... I feel angry and don’t trust what you say, even if you’re right. You can share what your experience has been, but nobody died and made you god of the technology.

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    I universally ignore these, *unless* they're coming from people I respect in the industry already. If Simon Basle writes a post on best practices for Reactor, I listen. If Joe Vloggs writes one, I don't even bother reading.
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    @AlmondSauce that applies to every article, doesn't it? Does the title really matter.
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    @electrineer Not at all, in fairness. "My personal experiences with X" for instance I'll gladly take on board from anyone. Likewise I don't usually care who's written beginners guides to languages / frameworks, guides about new features in languages, etc.

    I'll only vet the author if it's an opinion piece that, realistically, needs an expert for that opinion to hold any weight.
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