TLDR; i wrote recursive compression with random algorithm to fuck up some lazy ass girl.

one day, unknown classmate told me she has a family reunion and cannot do his programming assignment which will be collected next day in the morning, so she ask me to do it. i say i need to put a price tag to it because i want to buy a new RasPi --i don't know her either so i don't feel bad about it. i told her i need $20 and after some bargaining it settled at $15. i work on it about 3 hours and told her it's finished and send her demo video as a proof. she happy with the result. and will come to my house later that night to get the source code. at night, she came, and give me only $8 bucks, of course i get mad, with every arguments she throws at me i resist to give her the source code. but since i tired enough to get into a longer arguments i accept the 8 bucks i go upstairs to get the source code. but instead of giving her the actual source code; i wrote a quick script to do 50 compress source code folder recursively with random compression algorithm--sometimes gzip sometimes lzma. and give her the final 50 times compressed source code. EAT SHIT MOTHERFUCKER

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    But she still got the source, and you still got paid less than agreed to. You didn't feel bad about asking for payment, why would you settle for accepting half of what you were owed?
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    You should have asked for at least a BJ for the missing $7.
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    @molaram The post and this comment gave me a weird visual of an episode of Catdog where dog entered cat's mouth, passed through his (their) stomach, and came back out of cat's mouth.

    I love cartoons.
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    @rutee07 don't you mean entered the cat's ass and came out of its mouth?
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    @molaram That would have been a better show but I don't remember them having asses. I guess they shit through their mouths or something.
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    @molaram I like your way 🤔
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    i told her i need $20 and after some bargaining it settled at $15.


    If you need $20, ask for double, then bargain down to $25 :-)

    Another way is to try and figure out how much they can afford.

    Eg. if they can afford $100, ask for $200, bargain down to $100..

    Price is not so much what something is worth, it is what someone can afford to pay for it.
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    I'm reminded of a date where they said they would pay half, and then stiffed me for their half by not having any money.

    Next date, I want to see the cash on the table !

    Or we are paying each others halves separately and the place knows this !

    Cost me 20+ hours of work to pay for their half of the bill.

    When I complained online, I got stung with a hate crime !

    Lesson there, never believe what someone says they will do..

    Second lesson, always pay for the whole date, because they probably won't pay half, even if they say they will !

    Perhaps third lesson, no ones worth 40 hours of working to pay for a date..
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    dude she came to your house, at night, over "compute stuff" and a bs excuse around the holidays. for something that cost 15 fucking dollars.

    she was lonely and down tf. guarantee it.

    molaram was righf. missed opportunity.
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    @Wisecrack maybe she wasnt pretty?
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    @zemaitis stop interrupting my fantasies. I already wrote an entire fanfiction, five whole chapters!
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    @Wisecrack @molaram you both right. but i don't know it was all anger back then. but yeah missed oportunity
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    @molaram you should google catdog
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    @Nanos price is exactly what something is worth, either literally or perceived, and perceived value is a scam.

    Your way if pricing things is a scam and is what is wrong with society.
    Change your ways, help us make the world better.
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    @Nanos for 20+ hours of work, where TF did you go for a date?
    Don't do that shit.
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    I was on 10 US cents an hour work.
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    > Change your ways

    I don't understand, could you give an example, I'm much better at understanding examples.
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    Sure, so you don't figure out jow much some one can pay for your service, you set the rate fo your service based on market value and on demand.

    Everything is demand and supply, right? Your supply is about 8 hours of work a day, assuming.

    You have certain expertise, that means you can deliver certain amount of results for every hour.

    This is how your supply increases, you get more expertise so your hours are more and more valuable because you can deliver more.

    To balance that, there is demand, if you are the most experienced person in the world but no one wants you, then you have zero demand, so your service us super cheap.

    What you want then, is start cheap, get expertise, increase demand so you can increase the price in function to your supply and demand.

    See how "how much you client can pay" or even competitors fo not affect your price at this point?

    This is how pricing should work, keep things optimum, keep price low, push the market to lower prices, always.
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    Thanks for that, now I understand better.

    So next time, I'll take a flask of coffee and two packets of crisps, for a picnic, it will be much cheaper than paying cafe prices.

    But it does require more trust from the other party that you haven't slipped a Mickey Finn in their drink / food.

    If only self-heating coffee wasn't so expensive to buy !
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    @Nanos hahhaha, I liked that.

    I was just talking some microeconomics, I am learning, the more you learn about how money works, the more fucked up you realize it is, and pricing and 'self-regulating' markets is a huge part of how fucked up society is.
    Just wanted to make you go read about this topic.
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    Oh been reading about the topic for decades !

    I was just pondering a moment ago about open source projects and the future implications of, 3D files for manufacturing items.

    A few hours earlier, I came across yet another product that everyone wants, but no one actually makes..

    Now I don't happen to have the resources to build a factory and make said item, but I could design a 3D printable version..

    So at then, others could make the product, and if lots sell, then maybe someone else will mass produce them cheaper than they can be 3D printed.

    So the problem of product X not existing in real life, is solved !

    As such, I've tacked it onto my ever growing list of, things to make because no one else is..

    But I have to figure out how to solo the entire project, since I have yet to figure out, how to get anyone else to really help with an open source project !

    Beyond little snippets of useful information here and there given by others.
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    I found some half price, so have ordered that, ready for my next date. :-)

    Which by my current estimates, will be in 2+ years time..

    I'm reminded my last date was 4 years ago. :-(
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