Does anyone else feel like they're the smartest, most experienced dev on the team. And there's like a huge gap between your and everyone else?

So you have your own work and things you want to do, but end up spending a lot of time helping or fixing everyone else's whenever they get stuck?

So in the end you can barely get your own work done and never get any free time to do the things you really want to work on/learn?

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    I always feel like the opposite despite being told otherwise.
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    @rutee07 well do you have the same problem?

    There's like 3 senior devs but I think I'm the only one that ends up with all random tasks... getting asked to help all the other devs out whenever they can't figure something out.

    I have no idea though what the other 2 do or how much "other work" they need to do or difficult their usual work is...

    But pretty sure it's not harder than mine...
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    Nope. I haven't been the smartest on the team ever. Except for student project, but that does not count.
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    @donuts In my previous company, yes. I learned the hard way that it's sometimes better to play dumb and let them take responsibility for their own responsibilities.
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    Yep, but a 4 year gap between me and the next guy doesn't help the situation either.
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    The feeling that I’m the only one who has even the faintest clue what’s going on in pretty much every aspect of my life is now unavoidable.

    If these last four years have taught me anything, it’s that the average person is just profoundly fucking stupid. Like that guy right at the median of the intelligence distribution curb? He’s a fucking idiot.

    And I don’t even consider myself particularly smart. I know a couple actual geniuses, and I’m not one.

    I’m the participation trophy of intellect. I’ve won simply by not going full retard.
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    Probably time to leave if you feel like that.

    Either you're correct, and you're spending your time babysitting / not learning anything, or you're wrong but no-one on your team can be bothered to point out your mistakes and help you develop.

    Loosely speaking, that's one of the reasons I left my last job - I was doing all of the work and taking all the responsibility with either the same, or lower pay as the others. I don't care about money that much, but there comes a time where it takes the piss.
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    Dunning-Kruger effect
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi you echoed my thoughts. "Winning by not being a total retard but not doing anything special"
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi completely agree. Does my head in.

    I'm strongest in my team by miles, and I don't rate myself high.. I'd be embarrassed to apply to a big company.
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    Sadly many times I have, even as a junior developer when I knew I didn’t know shit. I just thought things through when no one else had two brain cells to run together.
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    Yes I do. So I have to design features for others, consult other developers in my team, review all merge requests and time after time even rewrite or fix code produced by my teammates.
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