me: * is on Devrant at school*
teacher: what's devrant ?
me: it's where I go to complain about you
teacher: ...
yea. so fun story, my first computer science class I took freshman year where I knew more about programming than the teacher, not to mention most of the people in that class had 0 interest in actually learning computers

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    What were their reasons for choosing that course with 0 interest
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    @alexbrooklyn they want to make the next call of duty lol
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    I hear you about crap teachers.

    I knew more than ... honestly all of them except for my first CS teacher since I was still pretty green. I picked it up pretty quickly.

    I never disrespected them, though.
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    If idiots still go around thinking "those who can, do, those who can't, teach", well this is what you get. Teaching as a profession needs to get more respect (and money). Really good teachers can literally be life-changing and it's even more vital now that there's so much you need to know to cope up with the modern, complex world.
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    That's the kind of attitude that destroys you
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    It's easy to know more than the teacher about the current market, most massively popular parts of it simply weren't around when the teacher learned programming.
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    @RememberMe i should have stressed i never disrespected the teacher and helped where i could she was a very good teacher and i have allot of respect for here
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