Embedded database is so lack of choice. SQLite, might be best, if you want stability / ACIDity.

Again, SQL means normalize everything, if I've ever want to index it...


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    Well... you could use MS Access...

    Can't you use an ORM that generates the SQL for you?
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    I feel the same. I hate the need to convert my data from hierarchical to relational and back again. But I can't find an alternative for secure, fast and reliable data storage.
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    If it's python, I have some good news for you: https://dataset.readthedocs.io/en/.... Converts types. If it's node, i again have good news: alopex (written by me because I was fan of the dataset lib) and sqlite has great support for writing custom adapters so you could write generuc stuff to match your needs
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    You forgot that indexing is important. SQLite can only index normalized tables, and string indexes do not search fast with LIKE '%xxx%'. (Or json1 extension).
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    @polv I don't forget, I ignore 😂 But I see you tagged desktop. I'm a sqlite fan but since docker is around I'm happy with others as well.

    I think sqlite doesn't have much competition because it's pretty cool for a file dB
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    @polv I'm not aware LIKE '%...%' performs well in any database... Have you considered using the full text search extension instead?

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    @sbiewald fts, at least in SQLite, requires sentences to be tokenize properly; as well as doesn't support wildcards.

    Some implementations I don't know might support wildcards.

    As for LIKE adaptation I am talking about, is, '% '||?||' %' for ` ${tags.join(' ')} `

    I do know a solution - normalized Tag table, with COLLATE NOCASE.
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    @sbiewald MongoDB does support string array indexing. Not sure about postgres; but definitely not SQLite.
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