Contemplating of giving tailwind css a try. Did you already try using tailwind in your projects at work?

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    I have a junior friend that loves it, he got into front end development this year so I guess it's good to begin with, but I'm not keen on it myself so I can't say any further. I only use vanilla.css
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    Wouldn't work well with my stack. Having to load all your CSS up front is kind of last year's engineering.
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    If you enjoy writing more css classes then content... sure🤷‍♂️
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    I’m yet to try tailwind, but honestly I kinda like writing just plain css
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    Plain CSS for me.
    (Or something nice like Sass.)
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    What I learned from Tailwind?

    Write selectors for atomic CSS is a way to scale.
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    Sass is as far as I'll go. All these CSS frameworks were way more useful in the days of IE<11, but these days rarely worth the overhead imho.
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