IBM's Urban Code Deploy.

Had to use it at a previous role. It is one of the worst packages. The Web based ui is a terrible, confusing mess.

For example, there are two levels of menus. Depending on which page you are viewing, you would have two menu items with the same label that do totally different things. Also you can set filters, but it doesn't remember them, so you have to recreate them everytime (they're not stored in the url or anything useful like that).

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    Yeah, kind of sucks. It wasn't a bad product in 2013, it was one of the most promising devops packages in the startup space.

    Then IBM bought it and did what they always do; sell it to all the enterprise customers, assign a team of 1-300 indians they're paying $2/hour to keep the wheels on and never ship an actual update until they sunset it.
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    Another piece of IBM shit 🤣
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    Oh god we had such a nightmare with one client who wouldn't install any rpms on their servers and instead insisted everything gos through urban
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