I mean I hate to be a predictable broken record, but it really is the biggest PITA thing I've come across. Proprietary stuff across the board, arbitrary limits, ridiculously tedious to get sane debug logging turned on and boy, if you've ever had to go through their process for listing an app...

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    It's a pita with its limits that's for sure, and easy to do the wrong thing with all its config tools, and even worse when you install managed plugins with 0 support that rely on data to handle their config!

    But, it pays my bills 😎
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    @C0D4 It paid my bills for a good ol' while too, but eventually I decided I'd like my bills paid another way 😂
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    @AlmondSauce hahahaha, but is the grass greener out there?
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    @C0D4 Much. Give me a plain Java / Scala / Kotlin etc. backend to work on with (cloud provider of your choice) any day. I can debug it properly, the platform isn't changing underneath me every 2 seconds, there's no arbitrary limits in place, and, most importantly of all, I no longer have to stare at that bloody Einstein mascot being thrusted in my face every 2 seconds 😂
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    I remember when a customer of mine that has a global presence looked at moving to salesforce. They immediately maxed out the scale salesforce would allow for, and had to run two orgs day one, and per my estimate even that wasn't enough. According to the salesforce architect on the planning process, this was effectively two full cages in the DC. Day 1 cost was $24M, before any code was written.

    It's the only reputable saas service I know of that can't scale to whatever size you want, which speaks to a lack of engineering quality.
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