Microsoft motherfucking Windows. (even though its an OS, it's software)

It's always brought me tons of issues and I'm starting to think that Microsoft built in some AI system which identifies when a Windows disliker uses it and starts acting weird/producing issues since (I have to use windows for some stuff at work) I'm always getting issues that nobody else gets in my team, and I've had this since I started using it at all.

And the fact that it has a frontdoor (I don't even think this is a backdoor anymore) built in... I mean, I definitely did NOT give consent to reinstall Microsoft Edge and I don't want it either (it appeared without any updates).
Then, you cannot fully disable telemetry anymore which is kind of a hard requirement for my job, most of the time.

Yes, Microsoft (and) Windows can go die in a fucking fire.

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    To be honest, try to replace safari in mac OS ;)
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    you need at least the Pro version to disable telemtry. and pro can official only be bought as an company.
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    @stop if you are paying for a product you should be able to turn off its spying on you. I mean you should be able to turn off it’s spying on you regardless, but especially if you paid for it.
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    @jeeper that is also my opinion. that doesnt change the facts.
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    @stop You need Enterprise, Education or Windows Server. Unfortunately, Pro is not enough (and Pro is sold in any supermarket).

    I have no idea about "Pro for Workstations".
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    ShutUp10 and Windows update blocker. You're welcome.
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    @stop pro is available for everyone. Think you are confusing with enterprise.
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    Telemetry is extremely valuable to development. I honestly cannot imagine building (complex) modern software without it. It's the only way to fix issues before people start noticing them.

    I guess you dont browse the web either, because a server can log everything you do? Or use apps on your phone?

    I was expecting some real arguments here tbh, and I'm sure there are plenty. But telemetry and edge? Come on, you can do better than that 😀
    They're decoupling edge updates from windows updates as we speak, which was a *major* culprit imo.
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    @jkommeren i have currently access to systems with extrem sensitve data. the windows telemtry alone could send data that helps to launch an apt. no system has direct access to the net.
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    @stop fair enough, Im sorry to have assumed otherwise 😉 makes sense!

    Still though, like others mentioned, why arent you using pro? It would make complete sense in this case, no? (Or enterprise/ltsb to have feature updates disabled too)
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    @dontbeevil :)
    I love their dev tools, but if you had been listening to me at about IE6 vs firefox you would have heard another tune :P

    The same during earlier years when they regularly was in the courts over monopoly practices. I was quite outspoken against them.

    But I have also seen how they have changed a lot over the years.

    Remember, my first contact with them was ms dos 2.11d and gwbasic :P
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