I had enough of WSL, it sucks.

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    @ParamSiddharth mainly because of the file system problems that exist. I constantly need to manually update the file tree in VSCode.

    I already need to use WSL 1 because that’s actually faster than WSL2’s file system access.

    WSL2’s with an xserver brings a whole lot more of problems than solutions.

    Constantly permission problems because sometimes you access things from the windows side and sometimes from wsl.

    It crashes or hangs also a lot with nodeJS stuff so I manually have to restart wsl.

    Literally more annoying than just rebooting into a proper Linux with an nvme.
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    @bagfox I agree! 💕 It is always better to just reboot into Linux.

    About the file-access speed issues, I created a shortcut to the WSL2 mounted virtual network drive and store my Angular and React projects there.
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    Manjaro XFCE gives best performance.
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    @de17 True, but I want some fancy things. Plus, it really doesn’t matter too much on a Ryzen 3900x and an rtx2070.
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    Why... Do you want to run an XServer in an environment which is so not made for this?

    You know that WSL 2 is not a generic virtualization stack?
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    @IntrusionCM Yeah I know. It’s just that I didn’t want to install an Linux for this one electron project I have which I maybe work a day or two in the year on it.

    And so far it was a better compromise than installing Linux as virtual Maschine.

    And I have zero patience installing development stuff on windows since this was purely for gaming and video editing.

    But now I’ll just dual boot since I don’t switch sporadically between development and gaming anymore.
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    Something about consistently saying that for years now. #NotPrescient
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    Started with Linux,
    Had to use WSL at my corpo job (They had a Windows only policy) and behind a proxy on top of that
    Got laid off recently and my first thought was omg i can finally go back to my i3 setup
    Godspeed my friend
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