This morning, a client called the office in anger because something wasn't working. The programmer who picked up the phone kindly tried to explain that he wasn't in charge and couldn't do anything at that moment. A few hours later, the client called back apologizing to that developer! We were all sitting there like 'wft just happened'

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    Respect to your client sometimes it takes a big man to apologize for stuff like that
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    Why did the client apologize
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    @FitzSuperUser Nerveuze he flipped at someone who couldn't do anything about his problem and he knew that at that point
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    @linuxxx well I'm just curious 😅

    Like if the problem can't be fixed straight away and he wasn't the right person to talk to did he try and get him into contact with the person who could?

    Yeah people can be assholes and it's misdirected but if for example a company builds you an app and that's your lively hood then if it breaks your going to be pissed at the company who built it... As a guy in the company you should be trying your best to get it fixed as soon as.

    Obviously I don't know the full story just interested 😅
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    @FitzSuperUser It was something which was already being worked on but the guy working on it was in a meeting (to fix the stuff) and it wasn't the programmers project so the only thing he could say was "He is in a meeting right now, can I write down a number to contact when he gets back?" but the caller kept going full rage
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