Is it just me or anyone else feels anxious due to work, even when there is no reason to be.
I have 2 3 meetings each day, whenever I know that I have to speak in the meeting about something I get anxious. This anxiety can hit anytime, maybe 1 hour or 10 hours before the meeting.
I feel like whatever I am going to say is dumb, people will judge me. No matter whatever people suggest on this, that no on's actually thinking about you or asking questions is good, this anxiety doesn't go.
Please help if you had same kind of problem. Share your scenarios of you were in anything like this.

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    I've always struggled with performance anxiety, especially when presenting or exams. And I can get anxious over anything tbh... But regarding presentations/meetings: I partially overcame the anxiety by accidentally ending up in a corner because I forgot to prepare well enough. I was forced to talk about subjects on the fly and I noticed that I had more experience/knowledge than I gave myself credit for. Eventually I noticed that I knew at least as much about the subject as my peers: especially regarding your peers, YOU are the one working on YOUR tasks and can be considered the expert on it since you should be the one that knows the details.
    So yeah, I think my message to you is to remember that you're presenting your own work during the meeting and you are the one who knows best what your work is about.

    If you're actually underperforming due to anxiety, I can recommend asking a psychologist to prescribe betablockers, they helped me through a lot of exams and presentations!
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    I can relate. To @NEMESISprj’s point, preparing for meetings helps relieves some of my anxiety by building confidence for what I plan to say in my meetings. It isn’t realistic to be prepared to answer any question that may get asked ad-hoc, so I always am prepared to say things like “I don’t know” or “I’ll get back to you on that”. Maybe having less meetings would also help.

    Meetings aside, I’m an anxious person in general. I struggle defining all my sources of anxiety/stress, but knowing (and choosing, if I can help it) what makes me anxious/stressed helps me figure out how to deal with certain situations
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