I gor a problem with my gf, and she asked for space, then i got a new problem in my workplace, i want to kill my boss and my senior mothercuker! FUCK THIS!!!

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    Never thought of it this way 🤔
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    double kill man.
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    I have stress, anxiety, and depression, and I still get fat... What's your secret, and where can I sign up?!
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    Buy your gf a 6TB HDD. That’s plenty of space.
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    Plot twist:-
    Seems like your gf and boss seeing each other.
    Planning how to f your life in worst way.
    Just kidding they both are robots Sended to make your life tough as possible maybe🤔🤔🤔😂😂
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    Stress and anxiety gave me some white hair even at a very young age and subsequently decreased my diet. Can't relate 😶

    But good luck man, you'll get past it. Hang in there :)
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    @YourNemesis You just have a fast metabolism bub.
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    @SheShell hmmmm. Don't worry, wait for 25x8 and then see your diet :p
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    @SheShell ha@Nitin1607 haha yeah, like really keep having a problems, shit man. lol
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