can anybody help me in finding if it is legitimate https://www.cilalabs.com/ ??

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    Looks like crap with empty promises and bad marketing.
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    My read on it:

    Team is two guys, one in the US, one in Canada because his visa ran out, and a bunch of contractors in india they'll work into the ground. Feels like the other side of their business is stealing ideas.

    They also seem to be strangely proud of their heterosexual and reproductive proclivities.
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    My first impression was "looks like a freshman year marketing capstone project". Looking at it slightly longer I agree with @SortOfTested . They're definitely trying to still ideas. Or at the very least they have no real experience and no ideas so they're fishing for ideas to build their own experience/portfolios.
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    I think they took a page out of Jian Yangs play book.

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