I've been for the last year mentoring two employees from 0 knowledge to now working on QA development. However, they tend to get back to their starting point every couple of months and lack confidence. Do you have any advice on how to mentor someone and keep them on growing their confidence in their skills?

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    Book club. I feel confident because my ideas are backed by the industry leaders, and things I would not be confident on before, i am more now that I have read these people's advice.
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    I feel like confidence is built when your skills are tested and hold up.

    Do they write anything of their own or just inspect others work?
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    @craig939393 Problem is none of them like to read, it's been a struggle to even have them go through documentation
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    @Voxera they are both assigned projects right now and are writing and testing their own code
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    @llcamp some people can't be taught. At least not by me.
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    Trainability doesn't imply suitability.
    Most people also need to have fun to not run into hard skill caps. Also, information without any meaning to the storing brain will disappear over time.

    So find out, whether they actually like doing "QA development". If not, you might have to find other candidates.
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