My image of dream career through different times of my life:
- frontend specs prodigy, css enlightenment, a member of w3c or a similar committee
- indie hacker and entrepreneur, leader of a startup community
- architecture prodigy, expert in scalability
- transsexual evangelist, popular article writer and a rockstar
- hardware engineer: Linux, C, chip and dale’s Gadget-like girlfriends, xkcd, latex, assembly, buying a radio station and a telescope
- scientist like NickyBones, papers, data, more data
- art expert

Though achieving one of this would take the entire life, I had a chance to grasp all of this. WHY does they feel so incompatible? Why do I have to choose?

Why do I feel so sad? Why do I feel like I haven’t achieved anything even though I objectively achieved what I dreamed of like five years ago?

Is it true that it’s in my nature to always seek an environment to feel like a junior in? Is feeling like a junior only pleasant to me because it reminds me of old times when I wasn’t actually this mentally ill and was still happy?

Why do I feel like that arduino and C shit is the equivalent of a red corvette?

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    Brain broken.
    I understood nothing. 🙁
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    There's nothing preventing you from joining the w3c, we're open and inclusive :)

    Atleast, you can participate in community group and/or join a WG
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    Seems like you're about to have that moment where you realize what you want to do will more than likely never exactly be what you actually do.
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    I can relate to this entirely.

    A very large percentage of my chronic depression stems from the fact I have a desire to achieve very concrete, specific large things clashing with the reality that they are simply not possible for any single person to do in a lifetime without an immense amount of dumb fucking luck.

    I can relate.
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    @Root mine though
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