Accounting software- and it’s even not the developers fault but because law is changing so often these days they barely keep up.

So I run sole business and visit my accountant from time to time to chat and give my documents.

Sometimes I also help with accounting software like finding why it’s doesn’t sending this crap and doing what it’s expected to do only in some cases.

It usually takes an hour to find out why something doesn’t work.

Also once I was sending some companies fiscal year summary documents cause no one was able to figure out how to sign those documents and how to fill the form so it’s accepted by the “system”.

Based on how I see bureaucracy is increasing cause of technology instead of decreasing and how stupid are those protocols that are required for sending some financial documents over internet. Seeing that those protocols are changing every year if not half a year and software to send those documents mostly doesn’t work.

I’d say any accounting software is temple of doom.
It’s classic “The trial” by Kafka.

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    I couldn’t follow, but have a ++ for “temple of doom”
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    I work in a company that develops accounting software and I have to agree. The legislation keeps changing often and the software is usually very complex (especially when we go to full feature financial management end of the spectrum, which is supposed to automate everything possible from the moment of receiving/sending a bill to sending the accounts information to the taxation officials), it is definitely not easy for (at least in our case) understaffed dev dept to implement all the needed changes bug-free by the time the legislation changes - and then, unless the customers haven’t changed to one of the SaaS -solutions and still use legacy on-prem software (which we update, too, as long as there are users), we’ll have to make them update their software - people who use this kind of software are notoriously reluctant to update their software.
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