Pet hate... Designers supplying flats with "click here for some shit" "to contact us Click here". There should never be an instance when you use the words click here. Besides being really bad shit for many reasons, how do you click on a touch screen. Lazy bastards.

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    Many years ago when the dinosaurs roamed the earth 'click here ...' had value. Nowadays I agree it is not best.
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    This isn't entirely true, we use click her on our company webpages sometimes because we are targeting an older clientele which normally needs the guidance.

    Your target audience can really benefit from this at times
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    I've just found an article which explains it much better than I ever could. I stand by my rant.
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    @helloworld I can see your point, and the articles point. Sometimes however it just works better to use click me, throw in some JS to flip out click with press on mobile. It all has to depend on your clientele generation. Anyone <50 get the point without the dumb click me. Our case studies have shows anyone >50 struggle with technology to begin with so we trying to make it as dumb and simple for them :/ works for us. Definitely not for every project however.
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    I laughed but then cried internally as our mobile "UX/UI expert" has the text "Click to continue" on a view controller
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