I really want 2017 to be a great year...
One thing I do is have a movie marathon ... Last few years I did the Hobbit movies ...

I can't think what to do to start of this year 🤔

I'm already building this site ... For new year's day but I dunno what to watch to get me in the spirit , any suggestions ?

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    I've traditionally done Star Wars on New Year's
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    @psudo it might be worth doing 🤔 there is like 8 now ... But I don't really like the phantom menace much , attack of the clones is okay ... Return of the sith is just straight garbage.

    So it's difficult 🤔 I mean Its a cop out to just watch the originals then the new one isn't it ? I could watch five ? The one that just came out the original then the one that came out last year ?
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    @FitzSuperUser By my count there are only 5 Star Wars movies. And one of them is still only in theaters.
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    You can do a Star Trek marathon. The original ones starring Shatner and Nimoy not the next gen shit or the bad reboots.
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    I'm always down for the matrix.
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