I hate lying customers.

Today a customer opened a support ticket related to his website account. Apparently he is losing his session right after the login success.
I've debugged everything, checked all logs and couldn't reproduce it.
I know every bit of business logic on the website by heart.
The only explanation could be that his browser either doesn't allow cookies or expires them after page change.
So I asked him to check.
"Yes, cookies are allowed in my browser" he wrote.
Well... fuck me... I will change the code to put the session ID in the URL as well. If it works - and I'm 100% sure of that - I will personally mail him a collection of the finest turds.

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    Could it be the new same site setting along with secure cookies.

    We have had some problems with browsers upping the security and denying session cookies thag worked just s fee months ago.

    I think we have it resolved by now but involved updating some framework packages and installing a patch
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    Sounds like the same-site cookie issue to me.

    Had the same problem earlier this year.
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    @C0D4 Had that too 3 months ago, but it was fixed...
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    Problem fixed.
    Turns out it was a completely different issue but the customer mixed up stuff...
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