++ If u luv GOOGLE

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    We have many Google haters here, anyways, welcome to DevRant
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    @theabbie thanks man anyway i am noob to devrant...thanks for the advice.....lets rock here...
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    the image is totally missing Android phones, Gmaps and chrome itself
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    @ZioCain exactly buddy
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    Imagine living your life in fear of muh data. Couldn't be me

    It's creepy but honestly don't have enough fucks left to give one about this shit lmao
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    Also, I don't have any problem with them having my data as long as they are not blackmailing me
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    That's like telling me that my clock knows what time it's for me. I mean yeah, that's why I bought it, right?
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    Google is last on my list of problems right now.

    Random people chosen every couple of years are watching my bank accounts. Nobody cares.
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    Would have been funny if it's not actually true.
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    @vane what? Why are people keeping an eye on your bank account?
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    @Stuxnet lets dive to dark privacy
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    @theabbie whether you wish they won't??
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    @vane 🀣🀣🀣🀣
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    @bettercallshao what if not so ?
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    @nitwhiz we use google for our convenience not to sell our data
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    How about:
    • Browser fingerprinting
    • Browsing behavior fingerprinting
    • GPS/WiFi location, even if disabled. Includes altitude, e.g. fourth floor up.
    • Deducing your family, friends, relatives, business partners, coworkers, etc. via location history, shared networks, interaction times, etc.
    • Tracking you around the web via login cookies
    • Tracking you around the web via analytics
    • Tracking you around the web via fonts
    • Tracking you around the web via JS CDN’s
    • Tracking you around the web via operational services like tag manager
    • Tracking you around the web via ReCAPTCHA
    • Tracking basically everything you do within Crome, if you’re naïve enough to use it.
    • Tracking everything you do on Android, everywhere you go, everything you type, everything you look at.
    • Listening to everything you say near any Android device, and associating that to your entire device family
    • Listening to everything you say near a Google Home, if you were naïve enough to buy one.
    • ...

    And this is only their data collection.

    They do plenty of other shady or downright illegal things.
    • Echo chamber results
    • Content filtering
    • Extreme political bias
    • Retribution against companies/employees they disagree with, especially politically. Increased bugs, diminished or cut service, no help from customer service nor escalations (and lying about it), demonetizing.
    • Working with China to censor
    • Working with authoritarian regimes to track down enemies of the state
    • ...

    Damn fine search engine or not, they’re evil as hell.
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    @Root NAILED ITπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
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    @vane lol in germany they aren't even chosen, a private company does that for you.(:
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    @nitwhiz does what?
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    @GouthamRS watching bank accounts
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    @epictern cause that’s how EU law works.
    Privacy is non existent thanks to technology.
    They do it to protect me from myself doing bad things.
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    @nitwhiz I also like my gov is so kind to send my financial data to πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ IRS so they can make sure I’m not American. ( FACTA agreement )

    Last step will be providing this data to Vatican so they can say if I can go to heaven.

    Yet people are struggling why cryptocurrency is popular.
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    To end for Today cause I’m a little drunk and need to code a little.

    All of people involved with law enforcement can anytime check my browsing history without saying why.

    Administration and various companies use my last cellphone location ( using isp triangulation data) due to covid.

    4G VoLTE voice sending while calling is insecure as fuck. (ReVoLTE)

    Bluetooth, wifi literally every communication protocol over air have unfixable vulnerability.
    CPUs hacked and exposed.

    Artificial intelligence can clone my voice and create 3d avatar based on my photos.

    My credit card operations data is processed by I don’t even count cause there is no such number to express amount of companies.

    Algorithms can block my bank account without human approval.

    I officially can’t earn money without internet and sending data over wire to some shady location on azure cloud.

    EU want to ban cryptography.

    Bank thinks that sending me pdf protected by numeric password is secure.

    I can write things like that all day.
    All of them are unfortunately true.

    Yet I see people are worried about google.

    Well if even google wanted to see my ass naked. I don’t really care at this point cause it’s so fat nobody can see the end of it.

    Ah yeah and welcome to devrant.
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    Don’t forget all the reCaptchas you solve.
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    things only matter if you have enough big data to analyze.

    Think Google search quality. DDG shits not only in non-English, but also English sometimes. Qwant is even worse.

    My quality time matters.
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    YouTube matters as social network and comment engine.

    Just like Facebook. If you are popular enough, people can't choose.
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    @polv ✨✨✨
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    @polv thats reality
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