WARNING: There is a dangerous malware out in the wild, and chances are, you have it installed on your computer.

It's called Windows Update, and it is marketed as a software that "delivers security patches to your PC". Wrong. What it actually does is hard-reboot your computer at randomly picked time intervals without asking for your consent, or even showing any type of warning, basically deleting all unsaved progress that you've made in your programs or games. It also deletes/undoes all registry tweaks that you might have made (e.g. to the context menu), it deletes your nvidia display configurations, uninstalls any custom themes that you might have installed, possibly even downloads another malware disguised as "Microsoft Edge" and shoves it in your face on next boot without giving a possibility to close it. Oh and it might also make your computer unbootable so you have to go to the advanced recovery settings to fix it manually.

Yes, everything I just mentioned above happened to me about an hour ago. This LITERALLY classifies the software as a malware (Google: "software that is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system"). If we throw in all the data collection that happens without your consent, Microsoft actually manages to check not only one, but all three boxes in the "malware" definition.

Pleas, stop using microshit, and switch to linux as soon as possible if you can.

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    If you're about to comment something like "bUt wHY dO YOu uSe wIndOWs iF YoU hAtE iT sOm muCh?", please save it for another rant because you will be ignored.
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    Come on, Win 10 has been a shitshow for five years now. Anyone who hasn't taken appropriate measures by now just likes Microsoft anally raping him with an electric eel.

    The main reason for that one is that the company wants Win 10 and you get paid whether or not you can work with your PC, basically making it IT's problem.
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    @Fast-Nop More like an electric beluga whale with shark teeth all over it's fucking body.

    I'm currently waiting to get a new GPU, and then I will finally be able to move to linux for good, and only ever interact with winshit again in a VM with all networking disabled. Good fucking luck downloading the updates from localhost you sick worthless degenerate fucking cunt rapeware.
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    @SparkyTD I've even argued with regular users in my family: either it's Linux, in which case I'll set it up and troubleshoot it if need be, or you'll have to take care of Windows 10 on your own because I just won't maintain two different OS. Guess how that ended up. ^^
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    Also, I disabled automatic updates and automatic restarts the day I installed it.

    It still restarts. I lose so much time having to get myself situated over and over again.

    Fuck you microsoft 🖕
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    Try Win 10 LTSC?
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    @RememberMe Try getting the enterprise licence in the first place.
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    @Fast-Nop if OP's in an enterprise and Win 10 really is a big issue, it should be possible relatively easily.

    Edit: I'm blind, this appears to be for personal use. Nevermind me.
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    @RememberMe In that case, it doesn't matter because unproductive time gets paid anyway, and it's IT's (haha I love that) problem.
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    @Fast-Nop still frustrating though, and it's usually a good thing to take initiative to solve problems. Also, missed product deadlines, extra stress on the whole team, wasting your time doing unproductive crap etc.
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    @RememberMe True, but as long as they pay me, let deadlines be fucked, let customers be unhappy, let projects fail. I don't care because that's not in my making.

    Decades of industry experience gave me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
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    I had to take a hacksaw to the local group policy to permanently disable auto-updates and Start Menu ads and all the other bullshit in Win10. I'm not sure it was even worth it since I now use Linux for almost everything, and only swap to Windows for the few games I still play that don't work in Wine.
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    If you cant even configure windows 10 updates for not to interrupt your work, then you will get a heart attack with linux mate.
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    I'm fucking done repeating the same like a parrot:

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    @zemaitis Did you read my response? Windows is configured not to restart. It does anyway.

    Windows shouldn't be dictating your usage of YOUR device. Another example is the "active hours" feature, which doesn't let you specify more than 16 hours (it makes you admit you need 8 hours of away-time on your computer).

    When companies think they Know Better they tend to do pretty inhumane things.
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    @junon this is devrant where devs gather. If you cant configure your windows 10 its totally your fault. I understand if you would be a non-IT person who uses home edition and doesnt know how to google or follow instructions. Im sure there must be some other settings or registry changes that could be made in order to prevent unwanted restarts. Once i worked as a tech support in a company where I was responsible for 40 PCs with windows. Unwanted restarts? Never on my fucking watch. I went full OCD on every incident like that, investigated what caused it and deployed fixes to all PCs. Google is your friend. Use it.
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    > If you cant configure your windows 10 its totally your fault.

    You can sit there and tell me I haven't tried until your face turns blue. You are wrong either way. To assume I'm a dumbass who doesn't know how to google and change the registry as prescribed by several guides (some of which were Microsoft's own, I believe) is a bit insulting.

    > I was responsible for 40 PCs with windows.

    That's cool. You're also responsible for your condescending tone of voice. Fix that.
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    Okay, you probably need that Windows for that one game or some propreitary software which doesn't run on Linux yet...

    But don't be too lazy to properly configure it _and_ rant about sudden update reboots. Choose only one.
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    @zemaitis I've been a sysadmin for way more Windows machines than you. They switched around the settings a few times. Especially the feature upgrade ones.
    When you say upgrade now it only does the prep work. The real upgrade happens on the next boot. So the first time it cost almost 100 manhours. Every release they say they improve. Yet my first Linux package manager back in 2004 does a better job. Configure the shit out of it and it does minimize the damage but it is far from harmless and far too hard to be secure without getting fucked by it.
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    @zemaitis Fucking with the group policy or the registry shouldn't be part of "configuring windows". Not even for the advanced user. There should be a big-ass button on the installer that says "opt out of all updates" and maybe show a warning or something.
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    @zemaitis Linux is actually easier to handle if you choose a "shit just works" distro. While auto-update can be available, it's not enabled by default.

    Also, Linux doesn't even try to reboot automatically. Not to mention that most updates don't need a reboot in the first place because Linux isn't as fucked up as Windows.
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    @SparkyTD there is no such button because that's the recipe for worldwide botnet or computer virus epidemic.
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    I configured Windows properly. I specifically set my active hours and everything. And then the very next update I got happened while my machine was idle during active hours. Came back from lunch to find it had rebooted. That was when I had to dive into group policy and start changing things, which should not be a requirement for getting Windows to schedule its updates properly. And then the next two feature updates failed completely and I was stuck on an old version of Windows for over a year.

    Never had big problems with updating Linux, though. Or macOS.
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    @zemaitis Windows somehow chooses to ignore my update settings, Linux won't even update without me entering my password :)

    And if I'd want to change Linux' behavior on this, I'd simply program it to behave the way I want to!
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