What to do when you have no more faith in your capabilities and it feels like your ambition and drive to dev just kinda died... Thinking of becoming a cashier or restocking shelves at wallmart... (-_-)

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    Have a good night's sleep or take a short vacation. You will be back with a bang
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    Self-improvement is key.
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    @stalinkay, @asgs@ thanks for the advice will give it a go =).
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    If you want to feel young stay around old people. If you want to feel older stay around young people. If you want to feel better about being a Dev talk to the cashiers or shelf stockers at Walmart and that will give you a comparative view of why you won't want to do the latter.
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    @arcadesdude weird thing is that I was a cashier to save up for a car and studies =P
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    @GhostDev I've done cashier work too. It's easier than Dev type work but the latter usually pays more and is more rewarding overall.
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    @arcadesdude in that we can agree. 😉
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