I need to fuckinb slepe
5 day sleep deprived sprints don't mix well with assembly

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    Just by using assembly directly, it's kind of an admission that your firm mainlines masochism.
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    @SortOfTested There are occasions where even C is too high level and assembly is necessary to do the job.
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    @SortOfTested It's for uni and it's actually just a hangman game, but I grossly overcomplicated it and also used the lowest numbered unused register everywhere, which means that now I keep stepping on my own foot, it's full of pointless mov-s and I can't assume the variable from the register when reading a function.
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    Oh, assembly!

    Ah, for the uni...
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    I see your MIPS argument and I raise you edge cases are not the rule. 😋
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    A refactor would save you several headaches.
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    @Root Just finishing the damn thing and not thinking about it ever again would save me a lot of refactoring.
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    @Root In code that's used frequently and extended occasionally, this stands. In code that's run once, graded and the forgotten, not so much.
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    @homo-lorens Fair point!

    I kind of miss writing code and never supporting it again 😅
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    @Root Isn't that the point of open source? ;-)
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