Part 6342 of "Stupid things I did as a kid": Generating an SSH key... with an online service. 🙈

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    Whoo great idea. I'm gonna make such a service
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    @hjk101 I think share password with friends would be better.
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    @vane sharing is caring!
    A quality botnet with ssh is really nice too though. I think I need to go full service. Generate secure password and key pairs with the highest entropy. We have an emphasis on security.
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    @hjk101 There is already some competition so better hurry.

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    FML why I even started looking at those websites.
    Found sass portal with pricing.

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    @vane To be honest it is a real world problem in IT. I have had to make a few accounts with API keys that I had to share with partners.
    Just like a good password manager service it is possible to do it securely. Still need to trust they don't phone home everything.
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