I've ordered my better a half a christmas present. He just send me a link of that exact christmas present. I had to tell him not to buy it for "reasons".
Fk you google! You ruined the X-Mas suprise T_T
It got suggested to him by google when he was looking for something similar.
Goddamit. I was so proud to have found it first T_T

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    Tor! Use tor for these things. Also, just tell him it's shitty or that your friend/brother/whatever has it and they hate it. Deters them from buying it and doesn't give up your surprise.

    Just have to explain when they open it :)
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    @junon I don't think that saying it's shitty would be a good idea, cause they might actually believe it
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    @hasu what was the present anyway haha
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    @eo2875 it's an escape room game, but instead of getting the usual normal box full of clues, the entire thing is a puzzle box. So you need to solve the box essentially to win the game.


    we have a ton of the other exit games already so this is pretty much perfect :)
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