Everyone shitting on SO answers being mean (which sometimes they are), meanwhile:


Garbage like this is how you become a misanthrope.

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    That's not a question though.
    That's one big ass statement!
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    Yeah, I see both sides of this. Stackoverflow used to be the realm of genuinely interesting and useful questions. Now it's generally devolved into "here's a massive dump, help pls." With regular content like that, answers / comments are going to err on the side of "here's another idiot wasting our time."

    Those who used to actively participate to seek out the genuinely good / interesting questions to answer are now pretty much gone.
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    I wonder what does through someone's brain just dumping this pile of shit unformatted onto the site. What's the motivation? Is it genuine hope for help?

    But then it must be obvious, how this cannot ever in a million years lead to someone saying, "hell yeah, do this and that and then your app will be able to control the Mars Rover" - unless you have the mental capacity of a cupcake that is.

    Even if this can be solved merely from this message - why would anyone bother piecing this trash together and waste their time doing so?

    This kind of poster is just fascinating to me. I want to dissect their brain.
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    @Maer CTRL-C, CTRL-V without any understanding of what's going on, nor with any sort of structured thinking. Just copy/paste shit together until it seems to do something.

    Checking the name of the poster... yeah, no surprise.
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    Oh shit
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    @Maer It's usually "I have a problem with this query / code and I'm a beginner, but the problem should be immediately obvious to anyone with a bit of experience."

    Most people this naïve genuinely think that a developer can glance at that mess of a query and in 2 seconds, explain exactly what's wrong. That's why they get so upset when commenters shout them down, because they think said commenter is either a) not qualified if they can't see the problem immediately or b) knows what the problem is but is just being difficult.
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    @AlmondSauce Actually, they're right - anyone with even a minimum of experience can easily diagnose a PEBKAC here, but that's not what they want to hear.
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    This should get the OP banned from asking
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    i hate these "here's my code now fix it" or the "here's my error what's wrong with my code"

    type questions
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    Y’all so dependent on SO omg
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    I laughed very healthy.

    I needed that.

    Thank you!
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