My prev rant here was about my wife.

I’m still angry about it.
I want to habe my revenge against the guy.

Anybody knows email bombing services?
How about sms bombing services?

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    You might wanna look into twilio.
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    Just setup a small selenium browser and hit Mailbait for a few hours.

    <inserts advice given for educational purposes only blurb>
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    Mate, while this is a really sucky situation, what are you trying to achieve here? Email bombing the guy won't make you feel better, it just makes you look childish and has the unfortunate side-effect of making your wife feel more justified in doing what she did.

    It's very natural to be angry, but this isn't the way to move on or deal with the situation.
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    Did the guy even know she was married?

    Tbh you need to sort things out with her, not seek revenge on him (speaking here from experience).
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    @nibor agreed. Shes 50% responsible for whatever happened, unless she was forced.

    Wish i had taken it up with my exes. Blaming the guys did not fix whatever problem we had, and often resulted in a breakup anyway. Which is what i was trying to prevent.

    Good luck man.
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    The best revenge is to go get some therapy and stop talking to them as much as possible. Then live your best life.
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