some dickweed changed his MBR to GPT without reading anything about it cus someone (falsely) claimed that GPT was faster.
dickweed lost his data and is whining that he doesn't want to spend even 50 euros to get his data back (but he does want it back)...

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    Fuck with hard drive, don't have backup, gets fucked again. Maybe... I doubt it though... but just maybe this is a lesson to learn from?
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    @C0D4 nah, those people don’t learn.
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    I mean your time isn't worth anything , right? You are the tech dweeb, there's like 10 of you and you all know each other, right?

    I've long since concluded that the average consumer assumes their hardware is made artisanally by nerds sweating over a bench, similar to how their coffee and fried cheese curds are produced.
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    @SortOfTested "I made a fuck up because I was too lazy to type something into google and reading for 5 minutes... mind spending a few hours of your time to fix it for free?"
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    Partition tables are so 80ies...
    Just put your file system in a LUKS container spanning the whole disk.
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