When the idea of a bonus is ignored again by corporate, and the idea of pay rises has been long forgotten

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    Given the unemployment rate over the last year at a global scale, I'll take a secure job over a pay rise right now.
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    It'd be so cool if all employees of large corporations all over the world could strike together at once demanding pay raises... damn these socialist day dreams of mine 😂 gonna get me killed some day by the CIA
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    @eo2875 I'm never expectant of a bonus (the clue with a bonus is in the name), but when a contract states a pay review each year, and that doesn't happen...or maybe it does but behind closed doors they review concludes no movement, then that's a bit much after many years. I've worked at larger corporations before where no bonus or rise has occured for my many years there, but it was never a dangled carrot there.
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