I don't know who I hate more, regular thieves or crackers.
I think the second ones more, because they don't even have the balls to risk in person…

To whoever decided to throw away one week of my life, which I spent in a dark office in July importing a fucking WordPress website, FUCK OFF!

I fucking hate WordPress, I fucking hate migrate websites with it and also dealing with incompatibilities in 30+ plugins and templates that doesn't work properly (Avada, best seller? For being shitty maybe), and now every time I will have to do it I will think about how much I hate you, the bastard who decided to drop those shitty database tables.

And I'm sorry but we won't send you bitcoins just because you watched a tutorial on YouTube and used a vulnerability in phpMyAdmin, so the only think you earned is my hate for you!

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    Well, that's what hating both security updates and backups gets you.
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    @Fast-Nop Sure, using the latest versions of phpMyAdmin and WordPress were our mistake, on a server with active Malwarebytes Business license and hardware firewall.

    The only issue I have to agree with was the absence of a backup, huge mistake af.
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    @JS96 If even a YT kiddie can hack it, there's something off. Zero day? Or misconfigured? Or just the usual WP hack through a zoo of vulnerable plugins and even templates?
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    LOL I read this:

    "I don't know who I hate more, regular thieves or crackers."


    "I don't know who I hate more, regular thieves or white people."

    I forgot about crackers actually meaning blackhat hackers.
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    Crackers are cracking things open. They are the proud people that are actually able to open the big cans o' worms the industries are throwing at us (like CSS, the one with the illegal prime number).
    Apart from making backups of purchased media, being able to use hardware and media with unintended OSes, playing pirated games or recycling their findings in security research, almost no one has direct or indirect contact with them or any result of their work.

    They surely aren't the ones defacing your unmaintained Wordpress-"powered" crap sites.
    That sort of stuff is done by script kiddies wich barely manage to use metasploit and nmap or shodan.

    And yes, i hate that script kiddies too.
    Not because of the exploited crap sites - but because they also basically make using anti DDoS services like CloudFlare mandatory.
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    Raahhh! Polly wants a cracker! Raaahhh!
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    @Fast-Nop There be pirates in dem waters...
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    @Demolishun Arrr, matey!
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