This Russian site (https://kzclip.com) literally cloned the whole of youtube including its channels and also its recommendation logic... i wonder how those crazy bastards did it.

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    Raided a data center?
    It is Russia. If you pay off the right officials, you can do literally anything.
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    Well, Russian developers are the same quality as beauty of their women.
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    Lol I tried to do something similar once. Not as easy as I thought. Google really doesn't want you to clone youtube.
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    Creating a working clone of the gui is not to difficult just takes some time. You already have a template to build towards ;)

    The really hard is everything under the hood.

    Performance, recommendations, processing, stability.

    And with a decent team and enough resources that can be done good enough for even a decent user base.

    Scaling this to youtube scale and making a profit, now thats where things get really complex.
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    1. It’s Kazakhstan, not Russia
    2. They’re just embedded videos, they have no data
    3. Why do you think they cloned the recommendation logic that is dependent on all the data google has on you?
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