My favorite feature of Kaby Lake is that you need it to watch 4k netflix 😊 not for hardware limitations, but because of marketing 👍

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    Oh, you have windows 8.1? Well now that won't do. You can't watch 4k on your "outdated" os now, can't you?
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    There is a video decoder only on kaby lake to stream and watch 4k content
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    @lue428 yeah. It was a deal with netflix. It's a kind of drm and has nothing to do with hardware capabilities.
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    @lue428 True. Only kaby lake has support for hardware 10 bit decoding of 4K streams. Skylake supports only 8 bit streams. Plus kaby lake has additional DRM protections that netflix utilize. This is also the reason it works only on MSEdge and nothing else currently.

    That said only reason netflix wont do software decoding or 8 bit stream with old DRM standard is because of DRM and licensing
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